Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Turtle Listings

So in keeping with the tropical or Hawaii theme this week, I decided to rework my "honu"/ turtle concept. My original turtle wasn't my best work, but as I continue to play around with the clay, I find better ways to achieve the cute look I'm going for. These are my latest Etsy creations! They came out super cute.
I did the one with the pink cupcake base and fuchsia pink plumeria flowers first and then after some thought, I had an idea to do a swirl ocean blue and white frosting top with a light green base for the cupcake and change the flower to a white plumeria. Either way, they are both super cute. One a little more feminine and the other a little more masculine.

Check out our Etsy site if you're interested in purchasing one! Lots of "aloha" went into these little honu!

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