Friday, November 26, 2010

Long time no post!

It seems like a long time since either Diane or I have blogged for gofigurette! . Diane has been super busy with continuous wedding orders and I've been dabbling here and there on different projects. I've been making a lot of figurines compared to flowers and just wanted to share some of the things I've been doing.

Funny how when friends hear that I work with clay, they think up ways that I can help them with their kid's school projects, lol. The first project that I was asked to help with had to do with a book report on Terracotta Soldiers. This was way off the norm for me since it wasn't a cute figurine, but I thought I could give it a try. I had 2 days to figure this one out!
The next project that I was asked to help with was a set of 4 fairies, which each had to be different and in accordance to the book that my coworker's daughter was reading. I had fun making the fairies since this was more my style as far as making cute figurines.

We had quite a few custom orders on gofigurette!, one of which included a request for a feather headpiece with a birdcage veil for a bride owl caketopper that I had made. Another bride requested a set of large penguin cake toppers with the groom in a top hat. The bride also wanted her penguin couple to be holding hands, which I thought made the topper look really sweet. We also got 2 birthday requests. One was for a 1 year old's birthday whose mom was having an owl themed party for him.
For another birthday request from a special client, she asked if we could do a sock monkey for her husband's birthday which I've never done before, but thought I would give it a try.I was glad to know that our client's husband was quite happy with how it turned out!

Moving on to the holidays, Diane asked me to try putting figurines in glass orbs. Well, my first response was "Do what?", but she said to go forward and give it a try. So glad my instructor/good friend has so much faith in me!

Hockey playing Christmas penguin Minion with Christmas tree
Little boy with snowman
Eskimo and seal celebrating the holidays :)
This one is my favorite. I call her "Snow catcher" since she's trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue after making her angel print in the snow.
Guess that's it for show and tell right now, lol. We hope to post more in the future and suggestions for new figurines are always welcome :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Cupcakes!

Check out Diane's really stunning flower cupcake!Flowers are her specialty and critters seem to be mine.
Wouldn't these make super cute caketoppers? More holiday cupcakes and other items to come!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Cupcakes listed on Etsy

It seems like ages since I've written on this blog. I know that Diane has been super swamped with wedding orders and today she has her Garden Art Party with Debbie Friedrich of Zenatona. For those of you who haven't checked out all the gorgeous creations that Diane has been making, check out her blog for her original designs! I know she'll have great pictures from the party too to show off Debbie's artwork as well.

I've been a bit busy and just recently finished working on my Curriculum 3 projects so I can attend Decoclay classes in California for October. Now I have no excuse but to get back to creating cute figurines. This is a made to order cupcake for a wedding cake topper or keepsake item. I made a similar cupcake back in April for a custom order and liked it so much that I wanted to make it available again. The bride is complete with a sequins topped, scalloped-edged veil and interested customers can request their color choice for the cupcake bottom, flowers and ribbon. Isn't the cupcake stand too cute? (Sorry, the stand is not included, lol.)

I've been hearing more and more that we should start listing items for upcoming holidays, Christmas in particular. Christmas already? But before Christmas is Halloween :) I LOVE Halloween. This little cutie is a trick-or-treater dressed up as a chubby pumpkin. She's even got a stem hat to complete her costume!
I have a couple more new designs that I'm putting the final touches on, so check back soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Special Cupcake for my 10 Year Old Niece

My niece is turning 10 this weekend. It's hard to believe that she's going to be 10. Seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms as a baby. She's such a beautiful young girl, smart, athletic and has a great personality.
After we started gofigurette! she saw our figurines and asked if she could have it for her birthday. She wanted me to teach all her friends how to make figurines. So she gave me specific details as to what color she wants her cupcake as opposed to her friends' cupcakes. As I was making the cupcakes, the idea came to me to make her a special one. She's in competitive gymnastics and I believe her favorite event is beam. So I decided to make her a little cute pink penguin on a balance beam with the perfect score of 10 which so happens to be also be how old she is this weekend! Hope she likes it.

It'll be interesting to see how the party goes. Hopefully I can take photos and share them with you. My first kid's birthday party teaching kids how to make figurines. So wish Myrna was here to help me! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Custom Cupcake with Owls

A few weeks ago we got an inquiry for a custom order for bride and groom owls, but this order combined a few other things. The couple is having a destination wedding and thought it would be fun to have their bride and groom on a cupcake. In addition to this, the bride-to-be requested that their wedding colors of aqua and bright pink be incorporated in the caketopper. She totally knew what she wanted and asked that the cupcake bottom be aqua and that a ring of flowers in bright pink be placed around the bride and groom. Another detail that she wanted was the initial of their last name placed below the owls, which I did in the same aqua color.
Lastly, a request was made to have a veil on the bride owl and flowers to adorn her head as well, which was done in a super miniaturized version-these owls are only a little over 1 inch tall!
Congrats to the bride and groom and thank you for letting gofigurette! be part of your happy day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gofigurette! joins the Garden Art Party

For those of you who keep up with Diane's blog, you'll know this is her Garden Art Party weekend with her good friend Debbie Friedrich of zenatona. In addition to featuring Diane's lovely flowers and Debbie's amazing art work (Diane and I proudly own several pieces), they also discussed having some figurines from gofigurette! at their party.
Of course owls were number one on my list of what I would make and I wanted to incorporate the garden theme, so I made flowers with each arrangement.
Focusing on other animals, I made a bunny in the middle of a head of cabbage surrounded by carrots.And lastly I created a couple of racoons with a tiny blue bird, complete with flowers surrounding the tree stump. I'm sure Diane and Debbie are having a very successful party. Watch for an update from Diane on her blog :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Custom Penguin Pie Topper

While Myrna never gets tired of making owls, I guess I never get tired of making cute penguins. My large size penguin cake toppers have been gaining popularity. I have had 4 requests for custom cake toppers. This particular client however is buying it for the bride and groom. She wanted the aquamarine body of the penguin, but instead she requested them to be larger (3" tall) and if she could have a medium blue striped tie and have a crown of medium blue flowers for the bride. The bride is Swedish, so I accented the flowers with a bit of yellow glitter in the center of each flower. The client also said that the couple won't be having a traditional wedding cake but rather pie because they are pie fanatics. This was a fun one. The client was quite happy with the end result.
Myrna and I are always coming up with fun and unique ideas, but she may be the one executing on a lot of new ideas since I'm swamped with my flower business for the next few months. But I am sure I'll need a creative release from my flowers and make some new figurines. My husband suggested a hula girl penguin! Hmm......
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