Tuesday, January 5, 2010

gofigurette! Signature Cupcake - a collaborative design effort!

Myrna and I love working together. It's one of those things, we either both have the same idea or come up with an idea and the other executes. It's a fun working environment, just wish we lived closer so we could actually hang out. :)
After I designed our logo, I thought to myself, "we need to make the birds and cherry blossom out of clay. Myrna figured out how to make cupcake forms so we don't have to go out and buy real cupcakes every time we want to photograph a new figurine to post on our Etsy site. We both had the same idea, make a cupcake with our birds and cherry blossom. Myrna came up with the birds and the cupcake in the most perfect colors and she sent it to me and I figured out the cherry blossom location and created the flower. So it was a collaborative design effort from both of us. Myrna is jealous because I'm not giving her the sample back. LOL. It's SUPER CUTE!
So, we're selling these on Etsy soon, just in time for Valentine's Day. We thought this would make a cute cake topper too for someone who loves birds and loves cupcakes! We're thinking of new packaging ideas as well, but until these things really take off, they will come in their own little gofigurette! logo bag.

We'll also be coming out with a line of figurine and cupcake sets. Already gives me ideas for my son's birthday in February! So be sure to check out www.gofigurette.etsy.com for different color and figurine combinations!

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