Sunday, February 21, 2010

Personalized Cupcakes

You're probably wondering why there has been a lack of posts recently. Well, for the last 2 weeks I have been training a delightful woman from the UK (yes, that's right the UK) in the DECO Clay Craft Academy curriculum. She's doing great and I'm excited to say that soon there will be a certified instructor in Europe once she has gone through the examination process. But hold onto your hats, she has decided to take some time and really practice on her own before she is ready to teach others.

Anyway, my student asked me if I could make some special cupcakes for her goddaughter back in the UK. She was thinking she would find her something in the US but she's been so busy with classes she hasn't had much time to shop. So she thought this would be special and unique. She asked for pink penguins on pink cupcakes with whatever embellishments she thought would be nice, but that she wanted her goddaughter's name to be spelled out with a touch of glitter. Another great idea for our Etsy site, personalized cupcakes for a little girl or little boy's birthday! Would even be cute for a milestone birthday with numbers!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Custom Order for a Wedding

Late last week I got a convo from a potential Etsy client who really liked my penguin surfer cupcake, but she asked if I could modify it. We exchanged several emails back and forth and she said she was having a beach wedding and her colors were navy blue and white. She loved the aquamarine penguins and asked if I could customize them for her. She wanted a bride and groom penguin couple, the bride with a plumeria hair flower and leaf and the groom with a white & navy blue tie. She also requested shells at the base of their feet. These shells are super tiny. I accented with glitter glue and I think they look super cute. She was going cupcakes instead of cake for her wedding and so she thought this cupcake with the custom details to the penguins was perfect.

Turns out my client is a professional photographer so I'm hoping she'll share with me photos after her wedding!

Awareness of our cute designs is growing and I'm so excited to see inquiries here & there. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Day and Easter Items

I've been busy creating some things for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. I love what I do! It's so much fun and such a creative release. I love cute things but never thought I could make things that are cute until now.

My husband is part Irish decent and I was thinking I should make something for St. Patrick's Day, but not something that would be offensive to people who are Irish. He says leprachauns are a Hollywood made up thing and it's offensive to Irish because it's a celebration of an Irish saint. So I technically didn't make a leprachaun, I made a penguin, but I guess the hat makes it a leprachaun penguin. I put a little 4 leaf clover on his tummy. This first one goes to my mother-in-law because she is Irish and I know she would really find this to be cute.The 2nd item is a mini cupcake with a bunny, grasses, roses, tiny flowers, leaves, and glittered eggs. It's a challenge trying to create things in miniature size, but fun nonetheless! Will be posting new items to our Etsy shop soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Favors for a Special 5 Year Old!

Myrna mentioned a while back that she had been working on lots of little TREX dinosaurs out of clay. When she knew Aidan's 5th birthday was fast approaching she asked me what I wanted to do and that she wanted to help. So my son's latest fascination has everything to do with dinosaurs! So Myrna graciously took on the task of making TREX's out of clay. We decided it would be a team effort so I agreed to make the cupcakes in which the TREXs would sit upon.
The box arrived from Myrna this morning and the OCD person that I am, had to work on them right away. Aidan's birthday is on Monday and it's the day he goes to school. So I finished assembling the cupcakes and the favor bags.

I have to admit, I'm not the "Susie Homemaker" type mom in the least bit, but I remember when my mom used to do special things for me on my birthday and I want Aidan to have that too. He is so utterly amazed and appreciative when I do things for him to share with his classmates. He thinks his mommy is a superstar! LOL. I'm so thankful to Myrna for taking on the task of the TREXs and the countless hours of going cross eyed making them and those ferocious teeth!
These are the photos I took today that I wanted to share! So if you're thinking of something unique to give as birthday party favors, consider gofigurette! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did Someone Say "Easter"???

Yes, it's not even Superbowl Sunday, nor Valentine's Day but Myrna and I are already thinking about Easter! She showed me something she quickly whipped up and it was so darn cute (I'll let her share it with you in a separate blog post) and her creativity sparked mine.
After finishing my penguins for my client who wanted the family of penguins, I decided that I would try to make an Easter themed arrangement. I had made an Easter bunny head, but no body a while back when we first started the company, but Myrna has inspired me to make bodies now! So going back to what I know from my theme project when I was going for my DECO certification, I did an Easter themed project. What's not to love about cute little bunnies!So I had these little wooden condiment cups from Sur la Table that I bought a couple years back and I thought they were super cute and that I would have a need for them. In the two years I've had them, I couldn't figure out what to use them for.. until NOW! I decided to make an Easter bunny in a small garden with grass, tall grasses, Easter eggs decorated in glitter in various colors and little itty bitty flowers. The whole thing probably only measures 4 inches high by 3 inches in diameter.

Soon these will be listed on Etsy. I'm thinking about maybe doing a brown bunny and who knows, maybe a penguin dressed up in bunny ears perhaps? I just finished working on a ton of flower samples and a bridal bouquet replica so doing a little creative figurine creation was just what I needed. So much fun! Looking forward to making more Easter related items to sell. If they don't sell, they'll make EXCELLENT gifts for my nieces and nephews!
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