Monday, January 18, 2010

Custom Design for Baby Shower - Penguin Family

One of my dear friends, Debbie Friedrich of zenatona, had posted our gofigurette! site on her Facebook page to help build awareness about our new endeavor. Debbie is so sweet. One of her clients was interested right away as she's throwing a baby shower in March/April for a family member when she's back there. She lives in India, but is from Hawaii. So we discussed what she wanted and she had specific colors she wanted to incorporate so then I decided to just make the penguins in orange, yellow and red. To further specify who was the mom, dad and baby, she asked if I could put a plumeria flower for the mom and a black bow tie for the dad. I'll be putting them with a wire ornament hanger so her guests can hang them on the Christmas tree in December!So, my client sent me another email asking if maybe we could switch the bowtie out for something that was a little bit more personal to her husband. He's big into photography so she asked for a camera. So this is the final sample design. I realized then that the baby shower favors she was asking for are for her own baby shower when she goes back to visit her family in Hawaii! So the plumeria matches an island girl!

I'm so appreciative of the orders we have received and the interest level in such a short amount of time from when we launched! Can't wait to see what 2010 holds for gofigurette!

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