Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter from gofigurette!

It's been quite a busy week for Myrna and me with various projects we've been working on. Trying to split my time between DK Designs and gofigurette! sometimes can be challenging. Myrna made me this cute baby chick and Easter eggs in a cute latte style egg cup and because I was running out of time to make gifts for my nieces and nephews for Easter, I decided to follow her lead. So I had these 1 inch square ceramic salt & pepper holders and decided to use them for the chick and the eggs. They came out super cute. I made one each for my son's teachers and for his girlfriend at school. My son is 5 mind you and he's had a girlfriend for over a year now. At least he's a one girl kind of boy! LOL.

Anyway, Myrna and I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope that all your little loved ones find lots of Easter eggs and treats on Sunday!

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