Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Custom Penguin Pie Topper

While Myrna never gets tired of making owls, I guess I never get tired of making cute penguins. My large size penguin cake toppers have been gaining popularity. I have had 4 requests for custom cake toppers. This particular client however is buying it for the bride and groom. She wanted the aquamarine body of the penguin, but instead she requested them to be larger (3" tall) and if she could have a medium blue striped tie and have a crown of medium blue flowers for the bride. The bride is Swedish, so I accented the flowers with a bit of yellow glitter in the center of each flower. The client also said that the couple won't be having a traditional wedding cake but rather pie because they are pie fanatics. This was a fun one. The client was quite happy with the end result.
Myrna and I are always coming up with fun and unique ideas, but she may be the one executing on a lot of new ideas since I'm swamped with my flower business for the next few months. But I am sure I'll need a creative release from my flowers and make some new figurines. My husband suggested a hula girl penguin! Hmm......

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