Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Last week we got a convo from a bride-to-be asking us to do a puppy dog cake topper based on the cupcake topper that we had listed on our gofigurette etsy site.
Since this was one of the cake toppers that I made, Diane told me to go for it. The bride is getting married May 1st, so she immediately sent a picture of her dog, just so I could get an idea of the colors she wanted and some of the detailing she wanted that was specific to her dog. She also requested that the bride wear a veil and carry a bunch of lilac flowers.
For the groom, she requested a top hat and with lilac trim. It's always a challenge to do a custom order and although I hadn't done a dog bride and groom couple before, I thought they came out pretty cute :)

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