Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did Someone Say "Easter"???

Yes, it's not even Superbowl Sunday, nor Valentine's Day but Myrna and I are already thinking about Easter! She showed me something she quickly whipped up and it was so darn cute (I'll let her share it with you in a separate blog post) and her creativity sparked mine.
After finishing my penguins for my client who wanted the family of penguins, I decided that I would try to make an Easter themed arrangement. I had made an Easter bunny head, but no body a while back when we first started the company, but Myrna has inspired me to make bodies now! So going back to what I know from my theme project when I was going for my DECO certification, I did an Easter themed project. What's not to love about cute little bunnies!So I had these little wooden condiment cups from Sur la Table that I bought a couple years back and I thought they were super cute and that I would have a need for them. In the two years I've had them, I couldn't figure out what to use them for.. until NOW! I decided to make an Easter bunny in a small garden with grass, tall grasses, Easter eggs decorated in glitter in various colors and little itty bitty flowers. The whole thing probably only measures 4 inches high by 3 inches in diameter.

Soon these will be listed on Etsy. I'm thinking about maybe doing a brown bunny and who knows, maybe a penguin dressed up in bunny ears perhaps? I just finished working on a ton of flower samples and a bridal bouquet replica so doing a little creative figurine creation was just what I needed. So much fun! Looking forward to making more Easter related items to sell. If they don't sell, they'll make EXCELLENT gifts for my nieces and nephews!

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