Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Favors for a Special 5 Year Old!

Myrna mentioned a while back that she had been working on lots of little TREX dinosaurs out of clay. When she knew Aidan's 5th birthday was fast approaching she asked me what I wanted to do and that she wanted to help. So my son's latest fascination has everything to do with dinosaurs! So Myrna graciously took on the task of making TREX's out of clay. We decided it would be a team effort so I agreed to make the cupcakes in which the TREXs would sit upon.
The box arrived from Myrna this morning and the OCD person that I am, had to work on them right away. Aidan's birthday is on Monday and it's the day he goes to school. So I finished assembling the cupcakes and the favor bags.

I have to admit, I'm not the "Susie Homemaker" type mom in the least bit, but I remember when my mom used to do special things for me on my birthday and I want Aidan to have that too. He is so utterly amazed and appreciative when I do things for him to share with his classmates. He thinks his mommy is a superstar! LOL. I'm so thankful to Myrna for taking on the task of the TREXs and the countless hours of going cross eyed making them and those ferocious teeth!
These are the photos I took today that I wanted to share! So if you're thinking of something unique to give as birthday party favors, consider gofigurette! :)

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