Friday, March 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Gift

I couldn't get myself in gear to work on flowers after working on the favors for my son's upcoming yet 1 month late birthday party. So I stayed in the figurine mode and whipped up this. Myrna was the first one to make tree stumps way back when she made her theme project for certification and she had sent me this cute raccoon family in a latte cup and it had a this uber cute tree stump. It's such a great idea so I made some St. Patrick's Day penguins with 4 leaf clovers and tried to think of what I could create. I thought about the cupcake, but then decided that wouldn't work given the size of each penguin. Then I thought about the one Myrna had made for me with the raccoons.

So, I wanted to make something for my aunt and uncle who are like parents to me and a grandparents to Aidan. My uncle is Irish and with St. Patrick's Day coming up I thought I'd make them something. So I made a tree stump with flowers and a glittered shamrock with the two penguins sitting in a garden of flowers and of course a lucky golden horseshoe! I tell you this stuff is addicting.

Today it's back to running errands for the party and working on my flower orders. Must stay focused!

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