Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monkeying Around

I should seriously be working on my bridal bouquet orders, but I decided to take a little bit of time and post some of the items I worked on in the last few weeks on Etsy as well as create a new piece. When I first started, I didn't dare make bodies for my figurine heads. As I got more confident with my figurines I decided to try and make simple bodies. After all, we're going for cute. So I'm a big fan of cute monkey critters. My son's favorite stuffed animal is still Curious George and he was my favorite too growing up. I decided to play around or shall I say, "monkey around" with another figurine concept. I decided to make a cute monkey scratching it's head under a palm tree. I think it came out really cute. It can't be complete without lovely & fragrant plumeria flowers!
Anyway, check out our gofigurette! site on Etsy as we just listed a few new items! Don't forget St. Patrick's Day on 3/17 and Easter on 4/4! Happy Shopping!

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