Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

We hope to start posting some of our new items on Etsy by this evening, but I wanted to just share with you something I just worked on that came out super cute.

Being from a Japanese family we grew up with many traditions. One of them being celebrating New Year's with mochi pounding and making mochi for God and loved ones who passed on before us. Not that I'm highly religious, but I do believe we have nothing if not for God! Anyway, I always grew up learning it to be "God mochi". My grandmother passed away the day before Thanksgiving and we miss her and the traditions she lead for so many years. This year is no different, even without her, my aunties and cousins rallied together to continue this long and never dying family tradition. Granted, we don't have the granite bowls to pound mochi with wooden mallets and all the women making the perfect round balls. The mochi this year was not to my grandma's standards, but I'm sure she got a good laugh up in heaven.
So, last night I got an idea, why not create the mochi in clay. Granted I don't think these would sell to anyone other than those who celebrate this tradition, but I intend to keep one and add it to our Christmas ornaments, but to give each one to my aunties and uncles so they will always remember all the wonderful times we shared making mochi as a family! These mini "God mochi" only measure 1.25" top to bottom and maybe .5" in diameter. So cute. :)

Happy New Year to all of you and we look forward to bringing you many cute designs for cupcake toppers as well as favors! We're very excited about what's to come!


  1. What a great and amazing idea, I can't wait to see them on etsy !

    I wish Gofigurette a wonderful successful happy new year !

  2. I love the oranges. So delicate and very real looking. The texture is perfect! : )

    -Lea McIntosh @ Nesting Newbies

  3. Thanks everyone! It's fun creating something totally outside of weddings!


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