Sunday, December 27, 2009

A few more CUTE designs...

Making figurines is kind of addicting! Go figure, LOL! Both Myrna and I had fun on our respective coasts making some cute little animals for the gofigurette! site on Etsy. I came up with a few more last night. We will be selling them in sets of 12 and have options to purchase the little ornament hooks with ribbon as well as the little logo muslin bags. Simply wipe the frosting off the base of the clay figurine, then glue the ornament hook on and place in the muslin bag and viola, you not only have a great cupcake decoration but a favor for each child or guest to take home!Obviously the first two figurine heads are my interpretation of Hello Kitty and Chococat!The above are a panda bear, brown bear and bunny rabbit. I guess maybe I had my son's children's books stuck in my head "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see." LOL.
This last figurine is a little cute hedgehog. My friend who saw my penguins told me that a hedgehog is popular and similar to making the penguin so I gave it a shot. Not bad! Looking forward to offering these new figurines on our site soon! Stay tuned!

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